I'm 18!

7:09 AM

I just turned 18!

Yes, I just turned 18 (on July 05, 2015). I don't feel old, but I just thought that within 18 years, I'm growing up, and I realize that each and every day I will face challenges, problems and especially decisions. So I made a decision to follow my dreams and start blogging. 

So here I am blogging about me turning 18 this year.
First of all, I just want to thank my parents, family, and friends for making an effort to surprise me on my birthday, especially celebrating it with me. 

Here is so how I spent my birthday/week. 
I don't want a grand debut, and I just want to spend my birthday home, or alone shopping or reading blogs, scrolling through Tumblr and spend the day with my family.  So I spend my day with my family, my parents planned a lunch celebration, with the whole family and my friends too. And I spend my birth week, shopping with my friends, and the next day with my mom so here is a small birthday haul.

Makeup by One Direction: Midnight Memories Makeup Set. - a birthday gift for myself.
White Sneakers. Chocolates. De-tangled comes. Mermaid Crop top. Niall Keychain. Victoria Secret Perfume.Balloons -from friends and family friends.

And two gorgeous bags.
From Mom and my older brother.

I couldn't ask for more. I am indeed thankful for everything I have right now. I am grateful that I have my whole family supporting me with my dreams and especially with the things I want and need. I thank God for the wonderful week.

With all the love,


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