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9:26 PM

        Every Saturday my family and I go to the grocery store and buy food and necessities for the whole week. We usually attend mass or go to our church on a Saturday because my dad wants Sunday to be our rest/family day.

       For a simple, relaxing day I want a simple outfit that is not only comfortable but also a little bit girly/flirty. I didn’t put too much into it because its hot and I'm too lazy;  I like just to throw things on and go. This outfit is the perfect look to hang with your friends or family all day and look girly, yet effortless and ready to take on the day.

         So for my outfit, I have on my brown dainty floral flowy dress that I bought from a local store for only 350php. And  I paired it with my white sneakers (that look a lot like Adidas but it's not ;) ) that I got for my birthday, which is pretty comfortable. The straps of my dress are adjustable, so you don't have to worry about exposing, especially in the chest area.  For accessories, I have on my white dkny watch.

       What I love about this outfit is that the dress is flowy and its very comfortable. And It's great for the days that you feel lazy, but you still want to make an effort to look presentable.

I was inspired by Taylor Swift and Eva of mylifeaseva for this outfit. Taylor Swift is known for her girly yet simple dresses/outfits. That's me I trying to recreate her style and also inspired by Eva's summer casual outfit.

Overall,  I love the dress especially my white sneakers, the whole outfit is versatile.

With all the love,

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  1. Love the dress, it looks very summery!!

    Katie // ZZ&H

    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me! :) x

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  2. What Katie said is right. Looks so summery! X