The Burgery

9:01 PM

      My friends and I went to a small restaurant after school, to get some dinner. My friend Ces told us about this small restaurant minutes away from our school, which serves burgers and fries and more. We love adventures, and definitely food so we went to this place called The Burgery, The Bad Boys of Burger in Aguirre. Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes is known for as the street of goodies, from restaurants, bars, and boutiques, for sure you'll find a perfect place for you to satisfy your needs! 

     The Burgery is just a small restaurant that serves delicious burgers. Though it has a small space and can only fit at least 20 people inside, still the place looks amazing.  

So here we are at The Burgery, a lady gave us the Menu, and we ordered:

 Big Al Burger - 170 PHP 
"1/3 lbs. of 100% pure beef patty with onion relish, lettuce, tomato, teriyaki sauce and shitake & button mushrooms" 

Potato Wedges - 100php
" triple fried homemade wedges & lemon aioli"

Big Bird Burger - 180php
"deep-fried boneless chicken fillet, bacon, cheese, romaine, lemon aioli & cheese sauce" 

Fat Tony - 170php
"1/3lbs pure beef patty, bacon, onion, romaine, tomato, cheese, cheese sauce"

What do I love about The Burgery?

First, the food. Words can't describe how satisfying and tasty the meals are. From the presentation of the food, its definitely Instagram worthy, to the taste of the Burgers. They were bad boys. My friends and I were looking at each other, and we can't help ourselves but dig in. Every single bite, you'll die and reach cloud9. I swear the food is amazing!

    Second, the prices. With the budget of at least 300php plus satisfying burgers/meal, what can you ask for? they also serve other dishes aside from burgers and fries. 

Here is the online food menu; CLICK HERE

     I definitely, recommend trying this place, because it is worth it. With the company of best people in your life, you'll surely have the best day of your life. I did! So I recommend you guys try and check this place out! 

With all the love,

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