All Time and The Maine in Manila 2015

8:32 PM

 I know it’s been days since my birthday and the concert, but I still have the ‘chills’ when remembering each and every second of that night. Knowing that I finally went to an ATL concert is still unimaginable.


        One of the things that I listed on my bucket list is to meet them, though, I wasn’t able to win a meet and greet, I was still able to go to their concert. I’ve been their fan since 2009, and the first song I heard from them is ‘Therapy’ a song for the people who felt like they are alone or felt like no one understands them.

       Before my birthday, around summer my little brother Jared, saw a post on Facebook about All Time Low having a concert here in the Philippines, so I told my mom that I want to go since I was old enough to go and it was my very first time to go to their concert. So my mom, my brother and I went to the mall to buy two tickets for my brother and I. That's all I wanted for my birthday, so they gave me the best night of my life.

        So, On August 12, 2015, a Wednesday afternoon around 5pm, My little brother Jared and I went to MOA Arena, where the concert is being held. We waited around a couple of hours, just to get inside. A lot of people were waiting, a lot were wearing shirts with All Time Low on it or The Maine, or lyrics from their songs.

        For those who don't who or what all All Time Low is, they are a Punk Rock/Pop Rock band like Fall Out Boy, Pierce the veil, etc. also Maine.

Reasons why I love All Time Low;
Their music is so powerful, the vocals are amazing, they’re good-looking, they are funny and their music is like a friend telling you that it's okay.

      The Maine, I am indeed also a fan of their music, aside from their new album ‘American Candy’, which was released this year (2015), one of my favorite song from their old album is  ‘in your arms’

      Both bands were amazing that night, I was starstruck, I was mesmerized, like wow, I can't believe that from all the years that I’ve been waiting, it was all worth it. Watching your favorite band perform live, is so unimaginable, I still can't get out of my head that I saw them on the person.

I hope they come back here in the Philippines,
ALL PHOTOS ARE MINE. PLEASE ASK ME IF YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE OR USE THEM. Please give credit to the owner. Thank you

With all the love,

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  1. Awesome. I'd love to see ATL live one day! X

  2. You've seen The Maine? Oh, I'm so damn jealous! Glad that you had a good experience! I hope they'll make it back to you and the Phillipines soon!

    Emma xx