What's in my bag 2015

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What's in my bag / What's in my school bag 2015

         I was watching some YouTube videos and visiting blogs, and I was inspired to blog about the things that are inside my bag (though it is somewhat personal or weird). I love watching YouTubers talk about the things that they find useful or essential in school or their daily life.
         I was inspired by Meredith Foster, a YouTuber also known as Stilababe09 or Mere. I saw her YouTube video about back to school essentials / What's in my school bag / What's in my school bag. And it helps me to be more organize and pack the things that are necessary. 


My bag is from a shop called Le Jean De Marithe+Francois Girbaud or Girbaud by Marithe+Francois. It was a gift from my older brother; it's just a small round bag that has one zipper pocket inside and two small pockets. It's very spacious. It's like the Alexander Wang rocky Leather Bag, but the only difference is that it has gold studs underneath and some pockets on the side. 


  1.  I have my black wallet. I like long wallets because I don't like seeing my money/bills being folded. ( I know it's weird ) It has a lot of space especially for cards and letters ( I keep letters from my friends and pictures inside my wallet because it means a lot to me ). My wallet is from the kid's section of the SM department store; I got it for less than 300 PHP or ( less than 10 dollars ), and I bought it last year.
  2. A hand sanitizer or alcohol/ wipes/tissues. I hate seeing my hands dirty; I hate touching things that dirty, sticky or just plain yucky/ew. I always keep one in my bag because it's essential. It makes your hands clean and smell nice. It's a must to have one of this inside your bag it's a lifesaver! I bought my hand sanitizer from Watson's ( a drug store from SM ) its DermAid but any brand of alcohol/wipes/tissues/hand sanitizer will do.
  3. Phone Charger. In my school, we have outlets for laptops and of course for charging purposes ( I don't think we are allowed to charge our phones, but we still do it ). It's a must that you bring your (spare) phone charger with you always wherever you go because you never know when your phone is about to die. 
  4. My phone, You need your phone, for texting and calling someone. For playing games, for Instagram purposes, etc. And of course, your earphones to listen to your jams.
  5. A pencil case, I don't like seeing my pens/markers/pencils scattered everywhere inside my bag, it's nice to have a pencil case because it's organized and you don't lose your new pens (though I'll probably lose mine)
  6. School notebook/s. I DIY-ed my notebook because mine was boring and not Tumblr enough. I always want a huge or big notebook because as a college student, we always write notes and big notebooks will be great because you don't have to buy another notebook when it's already full, and having messy handwriting, whenever I write in a big notebook it makes it more neat and spacey. 
  7. Calculator. We have Physics, so we need one, especially when we are solving some equations that will make you cry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  8. Small notebook / Agenda / Planner / Calendar. I always need a small notebook to write how I feel or just random thoughts or blog ideas or to do list / to buy list. I need a planner or a calendar so that I can put dates or things that I need to do for the week or if I have projects/assignments. It's handy when you can see what you need to do, and you can arrange your time so that you won't cram or panic because you have to do it all in a rush. 
  9. Whenever I have free time, I usually read books. Right now, I'm starting to love the book "to all the boys I loved before" by Jenny Han. And so far I love it. 

With all the love,


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  1. Loved reading this. Peeking into other persons' bags is such a nice and sneaky past-time. Hehe! X