FALL ESSENTIALS - Let’s fall together.

6:40 PM

As October approaches, I thought to myself what are some ‘fall’ things that I can do as ‘fall’ approaches. Though here in the Philippines we don’t have fall or winter, I still engage in the season because why not?

So today, I want to share with you, my fall essentials

1.A good book.
I recommend; looking for Alaska by John Green, because it has a really good plot and twist. I love the Fault in our Stars book also by the same author, and my brother and I saw looking for Alaska, of course, we did some research on it before buying the book. We ended buying it, and we fell in love with the story.

2.A hot drink
While reading a good book, maybe you can easily find ease and relaxation with a hot tea? Coffee? Latte perhaps? Or if you’re not a coffee person like me (I’m sorry) maybe hot chocolate with mini marshmallows on top will do?

3.Watch movies
I always do movie marathons on a cold night, while my hot chocolate to get in the fall spirit; I recommend watching; If I Stay, Love, Rosie. Lovely Bones (Get ready for the feels.) I also like old movies such as; Grease, Legally Blonde, ten things I hate about you, and some Disney princess movies. I love having a movie marathon with my friends so why not organize a movie night with all your friends, get some popcorn, and blankets and get ready to laugh, cry and have lots of fun.

Fall is known for sweater weather season so why not, try rocking out’ a sweater with comfy leggings or joggers or jeans? I am always inspired by Taylor Swift’s sweater on jeans look, or the ‘lazy’ look but still looking great. Plum lipstick or dark lipstick is a must for this season.

5.Change your phone wallpaper/desktop wallpaper
One easy way to get into the fall spirit is by changing your wallpaper into some fall-related themes like these;

How can you have a great Fall experience without music?
I love listening to music, singing along, jamming to every beat, partying in my room, jamming out in the car, so I created a playlist with all the songs that I fell in love with this season. I named my playlist - let’s FALL TOGETHER. Because it falls and we should share this season together. (get it? ) I hope you guys enjoy this list.

With all the love,


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  1. Totally agree - especially about the good book. Love the illustrations, by the way! X