Summer to Fall

8:49 AM

 Hi guys, it's been awhile since I last posted something here, but I wanna share a simple summer outfit and how I turned it into something you can wear for Fall. 

So I paired my summer floral shorts from the SM Department store and paired it with my off - shoulder crop top from Pink Tiara. It is comfortable, though it shows skin, especially in the tummy area because it is a cropped top/crop top, it is indeed comfortable. I'm wearing shorts and cropped top/crop top because in the Philippines we don't have Fall - so it is still somewhat hot though sometimes it is still a bit chilly. But regardless of the weather, I still love dressing up for the season or Fall. You can also turn your summer outfits into fall, by pairing it with some dark colors like red, maroon, plum or better yet orange.

I like mixing casual and dressy pieces together, just like what I did here. 

 What I love about this outfit is that you can dress it down by wearing flats or sandals, or wear some heels to make it a little bit dressy or classy. But for me, I want it to be a bit classy so I paired it with my nude heels. 

I am in love with this simple look because, it's not only comfortable and a perfect match for fall, but it shows that you're confident with your body - so I try to show some skin but still look presentable and classy.  I hope you like this simple Fall outfit, I was inspired by Eva of mylifeaseva and Ariana Grande.

With all the love,

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