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8:16 PM

So last January 22, 2017, my family and I  went to Tagaytay to celebrate my mom's birthday. For weeks or months, she has been raving about this place called the Ginger Bread House. 

The Gingerbread House is located at Matagbak - Palumlum Rd, Alfonso, Cavite - though it took us hours to get there due to traffic and it was really far even if you were on the road going to the GBH. Along the way you will pass by another park called 'Reptiland' - I thought the name was funny but I heard the place was featured in many tv series or in a blog. We didn't actually go to that park because our main goal was to go to the gingerbread house.

When we finally arrived, I was very skeptical about the place because I thought it was just a plain house with decorations to look like a gingerbread house but I was wrong, the place was so cool, I was so excited to share and blog about it. 

They charge 50 pesos for the entrance fee, but I'm telling you it is definitely worth it because you'll get to enjoy the whole place. They have cafes - where you can DIY or create your own gingerbread house, a place where you can relax, a simple playground for the kids, a fish spa, a place where you can cook marshmallow and create smores. I saw like cabins or a small house where you can stay for a night - but I'm not actually sure if they still accommodate guest who wants to stay for the night.  

I took some pictures of the place so that I can share them with you. 

                         A small pathway with wooden plaques all over the fences.                            

Fish Spa

One of my favorite part of the place, because it reminded me of a Tumblr type of vibe.

The cafe (inside the gbh)

a mini play area on the 2nd floor of the house

Overall,  I did enjoy my day with family at the gingerbread house - we got to look at whole house/cafe, we got to taste their brownies, we got to try snowcones, and I got to play with my niece. 

Will I ever come back to this place again? YES. For the price of 50php - everything was definitely worth it and fun. I would love and be happy if I can get another chance to visit GBH again. I did enjoy everything especially spending the whole day with my family.

With all the love,


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