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Hey guys! I know I haven't posted in a while, I sure miss blogging but because of stress and anxiety it's been hard to focus on the things you want but I'm back! And I will try as much as possible to blog more. So today I'm excited to share with you guys a mini cafe we've discovered.

The Hugot Cafe is a small cafe located at the South Park High Commercial Complex, 262 Alabang-Zapote Road, Pamplona. It is near University of Perpetual Help System Dalta, and in font of the new Torre Sur. It's a bit difficult to find because it is at the back of the building, but it was worth it. 

As you can see the building is very minimalist, it is a very Instagram worthy place! We saw a bunch of people going there to take pictures or sometimes do an instant photoshoot, using the white walls as their background. 

As you walk in the cafe you'll definitely love the ambiance of this place, though it is small it is very cozy and cute. They really put quite details in the cafe for people who likes an instagrammable place - like me haha. The perfect place for a date, a small get together, to study (they have plugs! - so you can charge you're phone/laptop . Definitely a plus for me) or if you just want to be alone. The place is somewhat hidden that's why it's a bit difficult to find but if you're a person who likes privacy this is perfect. 

The Hugot Cafe is an American based cafe, they open around 3PM to 10PM. They serve from coffee, pasta, sandwiches, rice meals, burgers, and desserts, they try to cater to what people want and I think that's one of the things that stands them out away from the other cafes. 

They have a 'hugot' wall, where you can write anything. You can write your own hugot stories, lines or even leave your number. We saw very emotional poems on the wall and also funny pick up lines.

One of the eye-catching decoration is this Eiffel Tower placed on the ceiling. 
So cute and brilliant!

The place reminds of a rusty and old cafe vibe which I love! They have walls with different background or designs. Like one wall with pictures, and one wall with a wooden type of wallpaper. But my favorite walls would be the paper wall.

This corner is one of my favorite. It is a mini stage or a loft. You can take pictures on the stage or sit there if you want. We used it to take 'Tumblr' pictures or the 'candid' pic or 'kunwari nagbabasa' pic.

You may come across people who would stand on stage and recite their own written poems or stories. They call it their 'open mic'.

I love how they allow people they let people share what they created like poems or sing, or simply stand up and just share. The crew is very accommodating and funny. They will even lend you their mic and give you a spotlight. 

 Now lets talk about the food. 
I love how creative and funny the names of the food. 
It is all associated with love. 

Marc and I decided to get desserts only since we already ate our lunch. 
Marc ordered the 'Pabebe' milkshake, which is a vanilla milkshake topped with vanilla ice cream with caramel syrup, Stick - Os, and sprinkles (Marc's favorite). I ordered the 'Walang Tayo' milkshake which is cookies and cream milkshake topped with vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, Stick - Os, and sprinkles. Both milkshakes cost for only 115php each! We also added the 8pcs of fried Oreos with vanilla ice cream, that cost 105php!

And what surprised me the most is when we were about to get our order, on of the crew made a poem for us. We were laughing because it was clever and funny! They made a poem out of the names of our orders. 

Time to rate 'the Hugot Cafe'.

- for the price value? Definitely worth every single peso! You get an instagrammable food, you get to satisfy yourself with yummy desserts, plus you get a wonderful place, you can even Instagram the place do a mini photo shoot with your friends and you get a funny creative poem from them. 

- for the place? I love the place the ambiance, very unique and simple. And funny because they have 'hugot' every where. We get to play games, have our date, laugh and listen to people recite their poems. 

"Di totoo" - haha

- will I ever come back? Yes! Yes! For our date? We only spend 335php on those 3 things. 
We didn't even get to finish our milkshakes because it was too big and heavy. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars for me! We will definitely come back, it is now one of our favorite places. 

It is a must try cafe if you are located in the South of Manila. They have many branches in Manila, not only in Las Piñas. not sure where other branches are located but you can contact them via Instagram and facebook

Hope you guys love reading my experience with the Hugot Cafe, you can also visit them on Instagram: @hugotcafelp

With all the love,

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